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Our story began with a Home Décor store due to our love and passion for all things home; however, in 2015, we expanded this to a custom, 100% soy based candle line due to a true love and passion for candles.  


We were burning paraffin candles in our home regularly due to the scent and ambiance it created in the home, but realized one day when we were all suffering from ongoing breathing issues, that we needed to clean up our home environment.  After researching products in the home, we realized that one of the main products causing so much toxic air were our favorite paraffin candles. We knew we didn’t want to stop burning candles, so we created a healthy alternative that would still produce amazing scent throw.  From there, our Milk Jar candle was born.  


We looked hard to find a unique container that could be repurposed.  We love to use this milk jar as a vase for fresh picked flowers or Rosemary out of our yard.  There are so many amazing flowers here in Texas that grow wild, and they all look great in this Milk Jar. These candles are all hand poured right here in Texas (Bee Cave), and are 100% soy wax with lead free wicks. 


Why is soy better?  It's a natural product that burns cleaner than other ingredients such as paraffin.  We do not put any dye or chemicals in the candles except the scent, which are essential oils.   Our best form of feedback from our customers is the "scent throw." We hand pour these candles and add our oils at just the right time, so the scent will stay throughout the life of the candle. 


Our candles have burn times from 40-80 hours, depending on size selection.  We have also designed "Collections" so that it may be easier for you to select just the right scent.  We mark the scents that are "Best Sellers" so you know which items we see are most popular.


Our collections include:

Festive Collection: These scents include Whiskey, Sweet Maple Bourbon, Mulled Wine

Holiday Collection: Special scents selected for Fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas collection scent

Foodie Collection:  This fun collection includes Cinnamon Bun, Fresh Coffee, Gingerbread, and our new favorite Chocolate Fudge

Fruitie Fun Collection:  These scents we are very proud of as they do not overpower but add just the right amount of "fruit".  These scents include Grapefruit & Mango, Sweet Eucalyptus, Fresh Rosemary

Relaxation Collection: Fresh Lavender, Lavender & Chamomile, Clean Cotton, Fresh Rain, Day at the Beach, Sandalwood, and Lemon & Bergamot are from this calm and clean collection


Thank you for purchasing our products, and we look forward to your feedback.  Customer service is crucial to the survival of this product line, so please share comments that can help us to create a better product for you.


Enjoy and relax!