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Welcome to our website for Home Decor and ideas. We take pride in being a Texas company that works hard to find unique and special items to make your home a comfortable and cozy place to be. We specialize in modern, rustic furniture and decor, as well as lighting. We also have outdoor furniture and accessories to complete the home. We have recently added a soy based candle line that we are so excited to carry. These candles are 100% soy based, so there is less contamination in the air, and you get a cleaner, healthier burning candle. What makes these candles so fun, is that they go along with the decor of our site as well. The containers these candles are placed in are carefully selected to accent any room you may have. The jars are meant to be an item that could be reused for many other ideas in the home. For example, our 16 oz. milk jar can be used a a flower vase later on after the candle is burned out.


Being a company based in Austin, Texas, we have access to so many local artisans who have come up with such great creations for the home and outdoors. This business has been a dream in the making for many years, and finally became a reality in 2013. Our family has lived in many parts of the country, and have taken the design elements from each of these areas with every move and home we have decorated. Our site carries items that could complement the most traditional decor, up to the a modern contemporary.  Our lighting is a part of the site we take special care in selecting. We know there are many options out there when selecting lights, so we look for items that may not be carried on the "big box" websites. This is how we set ourselves apart.


We hope to become your first choice when looking for that special item for your home, and feel free to let us know how we are doing. We would love for you to follow us on our social media.


Thank you for checking us out and happy shopping!