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 StylishRusticLiving and how it all began! 


Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for visiting our website.  This dream and vision began many years ago with a love and passion for design and decor.  We have owned and renovated many homes, and I have always enjoyed the finishing touches the most. 

There are many home decor and furnishing websites available, but our goal is to connect with you, the customer, in a way that makes you want to visit us first for your ideas and designs. 

We are constantly searching for new and fresh ideas, and our designs and products will change frequently, offering you the best products, designs, and ideas for your projects, no matter the size and scope. 

Our goal is to be unique, fresh, and inspiring for all your projects.

We don't just sell home decor and furniture, we live this life.  We love all things home.  Our family has had 12 addresses in the past 13 years, so to say we have lived in every style and type of home is an understatement.  We have lived in traditional, modern, and rustic.  We have lived on the West Coast, the East Coast, and a few places in between.  With each of these environments, we have been able to bring the local traditions and styles into our home. We have built, renovated and sometimes even re-renovated.  It is a love and passion to see a home design project start in one style, and completely transform into a unique and amazing style with it's own personality.  The one design that has always made us feel most at home is a more modern style with a rustic flare.  That is where Stylish Rustic Living began.  We love to take the old and make it new again, but still be able to fit with other design styles that already exist.  Whether you want to completely start over and want nothing but metal and wood decor, or you are just looking for a small change with pizzazz, this was our dream for starting Stylish Rustic Living.  I honestly love lighting on this site.  Although there are so many fun things to look at, I take special care with our lighting selection.  Lighting can make a room feel more cozy and add style just by the statement it makes when you flip the switch. 

We have recently added our custom, hand poured, All-Natural Soy candle line.  These amazing candles not only look great, but have a lasting scent that stays with the candle throughout the life of the candle.  These candles have burn times ranging from 40-80 hours (depending on size selection).  They are available in three sizes, but our 16 oz. Milk Jar Candle is the Signature line.  We currently have over 20 scents available, but we add new ones according to season.  Our Collections include:

  • Holiday Collection
  • Foodie Collection
  • Relaxation Collection
  • Fruitie Fun Collection
  • Festive Collection

Please check out the candle line under our Candle tab, and you will also see where we have labeled "Best Sellers" as well.  Please stayed tuned as we have launched a whole new line of candles hand poured in copper jars and concrete jars.  This line is called TXSOY, and will have its own website.  Some of best selling scents will be available in this line, but we are adding a few new ones too.  We are so excited for this line to join the family of candles we currently take such pride in making and providing to our customers. 

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