Find the perfect light for any space at Stylish Rustic Living!

We have searched countless vendors to come up with a unique and special selection of lighting for your home.  Whether you are looking for a more modern chandelier with a rustic twist, or something with wood and metal, we have put together an amazing selection of lighting fixtures that will fit into even the most formal of homes.  There is a great selection of chandeliers,  and pendant lights to choose from.  We continue to look for the most unique lighting we can find.  Our buyers have worked hard to make sure the selection we provide will match with other items found on our site, such as furniture, and home decor.  We are happy to assist with pairings of various products if you are looking for assistance on which lighting fixture to choose.  We have an amazing selection of pendant lights available as well.  Proper selection and size of lighting is important to the overall buying experience.  We do provide dimensions with all our lighting fixtures to help you make the best decision when purchasing a new light.  If you want your home to look like the work of a professional, you will learn that lighting is important to the overall design plan.  Placement of lighting, size, and light color also play an important role in influencing the appearance of the room.  In selecting a ceiling light, you have to decide on flush mount lighting versus semi-flush mount lighting, chandelier or hanging pendant.  The general rule is that if your ceiling is 8 feet or less, a flush mount or semi-flush mount light will work.  You want enough head room clearance for people to walk under without difficulty.  Chandeliers and hanging pendant lights work best on ceilings at least 10 feet high or cathedral ceilings.   

To determine proper dimensions for ceiling fixtures, measure the length and width of the room.  Add the two numbers together and convert into inches.  This should be the size of the lighting fixture.  If  you are installing a chandelier or pendant light over a dining room table, measure the width of the table and subtract 12 inches from the total width.  If your sizes are not exact, it is alright.  If you love the light fixture and the dimensions are close, have fun with it.  Just remember, a light fixture of any type can change the entire look and feel of a room.  Have fun but always stay within your decor style.